Love of Fantasy and Magic as an Expression of our Longing for Something More

Novels about magic, wizards, giants, vampires and other strange creatures, and the amazing worlds they all inhabit, are very popular these days, and their popularity has been growing for at least the last 3 or 4 decades, in my own observation.  I have long believed that a part of this popularity is due to people’s innate longing for and seeking of the spiritual truth about the universe and themselves.  I believe many long to recover this reality and know and experience their own spiritual nature, and their own special qualities, and their own greatness. 

Now I know a lot of “experts” say it’s all about escaping a mundane or boring life, and people should just “grow up” and adjust to their surroundings, and get a real life!  But I dispute that.  First of all, I don’t think there is anything wrong with pure escapism.  I think it can be good for us as long as we don’t get completely addicted to it to the point where we reject our families and friends for those other worlds. 

Secondly, it may also be true that people’s innate desire to discover more about the worlds of magic, one’s spiritual nature, and what the universe and life are really all about, can cause them to seek these realities in fantasy novels.  That’s okay too.   

But this post is about something more.  Something More.   

I believe, and have experienced, that there is Something More.  You can know your own true spiritual nature and abilities.  You can know your own aesthetic nature and creative abilities.  You can invent art forms!  You can communicate to others and know things via your spiritual ability, not only your physical senses.  You can dream up and bring to reality the most wonderful and amazing things.  And you can know your own beautiful, ethical, powerful free nature in the most intense, real manner.  These things are your spiritual birthright; they are already part of you, and they can be brought to fruition.  And I am not talking about the “dark arts” or anything evil. 

Seek, and you shall find it! 

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