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Copyright 2012 by D.E. Lamont

“Great book! Unlimited future for this author! Shows that times may change, but people don’t. If this doesn’t become a bestseller, I’ll be surprised. Oh, great cover, too. Makes one want to know more.”
– PullUpNow

“This story starts in a normal setting…for Hollywood. A set in summer. From there it gets more and more mysterious until the triple twist ending you could not have seen coming! A masterful writer, D. E. Lamont spins a powerful tale.”
– C. Firstman

It’s a mystery set on a film shoot in the Fed-infested Hollywood of the mid-21st Century. It’s not your usual romance story – it’s a humorous, sly look at Hollywood through a future lens, with a twist.  If you enjoy romance, mystery, the film industry, stories about actors, try my new novelette.  

Buy the Kindle ebook here:  Lost Without Love on Amazon.com

Lost Without Love on Amazon.com

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