Are We Really Living in Wonderland?

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Here’s some food for thought – a different view than you usually hear about.

Everyone agrees that the physical universe is solid and real. It contains awesome levels of energy, unimaginable reaches of space, and immense solidity of matter.  It also persists through infinite expanses of time. Most physical objects last indefinitely until they are either blasted into bits and components by some sun exploding (or a kid with a hammer) – or just break down slowly into their physical components, which go on existing in a different form, like the carpet of moss lying underneath the forest floor, formed from decaying leaves and other plant debris.

Now, to state the obvious, as humans we are affected in many ways by objects and spaces in the physical universe.  That’s what life consists of, for the most part.

But how do we affect the physical universe and exert our will and power of intention upon it? Of course, we do it by moving things around physically through contact with our bodies – or by directing other people or machines to do it.

But here’s the big question:  is it possible to directly and/or instantly have an effect on physical reality through the power of your mind or through a decision? Is the physical universe, as solid as it is, still in some way subject to the will and intention of an individual?

Well, simply put, it is. It is entirely possible and it is not even that uncommon.

How can it be possible?  It can be, if you first realize the following:  that a human being comprises several clearly definable parts, one of which is the individual spiritual identity that runs the body (which you can just think of as you).  If this is a concept that is not very real to you, that’s okay.  Consider what I’m saying anyway. Many truths about us have become obscured in the modern, machine and electronic culture we live in.

The capabilities and potential of the human spirit are many, and are described in detail in a book I’ll recommend below. But one of the spirit’s intrinsic, innate qualities, as amazing as it may sound, is that it is senior to the physical universe.

So can we actually see or use this capability in everyday life? Many people do it all the time, in the normal course of existence, without even thinking anything of it. One way we use this often, without really realizing it, is through our intention. If you have a firm but lighthearted intention for something to happen and you aren’t putting a lot of negative thoughts or emotion into the mix, you can often see quite startling things happen.

I used to have quite a knack for this when I lived in Los Angeles and had to drive somewhere and find a parking space. Perhaps you have done this as well. I would set out without any worry that I would have a parking space at my destination, even if it was in a crowded area. Notice that it was my intention to have a space when I arrived. And so it sometimes occurred that I would be driving along slowly, looking for a space, and a car would jump out right in front of me, leaving a space I could go right into. Sometimes they almost hit me, they seemed so eager to get out of my way!  More frequently, I would just come to an empty space right where I wanted to go, even if it was a crowded block.

What about other types of occurrences? What about the time you dropped a decorated birthday cake on the floor and it landed upright, undamaged? What about the time everything was riding on a seemingly impossible move, or sports play, or “coincidence” – and you did it? Two people’s intentions can also coordinate in this way – what about the time you had to meet somebody in a huge, crowded room or arena and you didn’t know how you were going to find them…but you just walked into the crowd and there they were?

You might be thinking that these are such mundane, everyday occurrences, it is just chance and good luck, right?  I went through my own doubts with it. But when this “ability” remained with me over a period of many years, my attitude gradually changed. And what is luck, anyway? Some people are lucky all the time. There is something apparently unseen at work with such people. My point here is that it likely was some kind of magic – the magic of willpower!

My realization about this and other similar happenings was that, with a very clear, clean intention, the physical universe, and even other people who may be involved in the scenario, can instantly bend or change. I think of it as pliable or plastic – it will change instantly and reconstitute to conform with your demonstration of clean, strong intention.

And this is why I pose the question: “Are we really living in Wonderland?” I want to bring your attention to the possibility that we all have the power to bring into existence control over the physical universe and the various aspects of our lives. Above I’ve mentioned simple examples. But this idea can be applied to help you change more important things in your life so that you are headed more in the direction you really want. Even if you’ve gotten where you are due to seemingly accidental circumstances, you can alter that and bring things more under your own control – the power of decision.  We can do this because of our real nature – that “X factor” part of us all with potentially unlimited ability: the living, intelligent and aware spiritual quality that is YOU.

Here is a one of the greatest inspirational quotations I’ve seen. This says exactly what I’ve been talking about here.  It is by the mountaineer/writer W.H. Murray, excerpted from his book, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition:

“This may sound too simple, but is great in consequence.  Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:  that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too.  A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.  I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

“‘Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!'”

~   ~   ~

Start applying that!  Additionally, if you would like to learn more about the exact capabilities of the human spirit (you!), read a very unusual book called Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought, by L. Ron Hubbard.  I think of this as the handbook on the human spirit.  Fundamentals of Thought reveals the makeup and actual capabilities of individuals, and it is written to be applied.  Also, the wisdom contained in this book is for anyone, no matter your religion or philosophy. If it makes sense and is useful to you, it is yours to use freely!


Dreams – Random Imaginings or Gateway to our Spiritual Selves?

Copyright 2004, 2012 by D.E. LamontLittle-Understood and Mysterious, but Part of Us All

Everyone has their own ideas of what dreams are, and what they mean – if anything! Dreams might be the most often discussed yet little understood phenomenon common to all humans – though animals also dream. Certain professions claim dreams as their exclusive turf to define and label – but seem to want to insist that dreams are always symbolic. That is nonsense.

What Are Dreams?

Though superficially dreams seem similar one to the next, not all are of the same character. Dreams can actually be many different things, from a random creation out of imagination and experience with no additional significance, to a spiritual experience that is actual. At times they seem to offer a door into an unexplored and supernatural realm; sometimes they offer a glimpse of incredible beauty. While most seem to be happenstance, some appear not to be. Here are some of the things dreams can be:

  • Random creations of a person’s mind, recombining experience and imagination. This may be the most common type of dream. When remembered after awakening, often the events, objects and concepts make no sense at all, even though they made perfect sense in the dream. Some concepts can’t even be expressed! This is a fascinating aspect of dreams. The way I figure it out is this: if you suppose that each human being has his or her very own self-created spiritual universe, completely apart from the physical universe we all interact in, composed of the mind and anything else the person has put there, then it is possible to see that events, ideas, and objects can be created within that universe which bear no relation to our own, and can’t even be expressed in physical universe terms.
  • A reflection of troubling or threatening events or ideas, or of delightful, pleasant or exhilarating events or thoughts, changed, mixed and magnified in the mind
  • A reflection or elaboration of some actual incident or thought the person had while awake
  • A response to a person’s conscious desire to dream about something specific, such as the creative development of a storyline that a writer wishes to explore. When I am in the frame of mind of creating stories, I sometimes dream a story. Sometimes I am viewing it as an outsider, and sometimes I am participating in the story!
  • A recollection of an intense or beautiful experience or ability from the person’s distant past – even a past he doesn’t know he has, such as past-life existences. Over my lifetime, I’ve had vivid dreams in which I had the ability to create in art forms I didn’t know in real life. I have vividly dreamed of singing improvisationally in an intensely beautiful, otherworldly manner; I’ve improvised beautiful music on the piano; I’ve danced in a medieval castle with such grace and power that I literally flew; I’ve felt love as a spirit in an amazingly intense manner never felt while awake. From all of these dreams I gained a new reality: a wonderful sense that, having had these dream abilities and experiences, I had the potential to experience these sensations and abilities for real.
  • A perception of one’s own spiritual universe, or those of others. When a person sleeps, it’s possible that his/her abilities, normally limited to those of their body’s senses  when awake, can expand unfettered. In such a state, we can be in someone else’s presence, and perhaps share the thoughts and images of their own mind/universe.
  • A trip to another place as a spirit during sleep (out of body, or through viewing at a distance). A couple of times, with my body asleep, I have found myself inadvertently in someone’s private space where I shouldn’t have been (OK, someone’s bedroom!). In one instance, the person became aware of me and demanded to know what I was doing there! It sounded like they were yelling, though it had to be thought transference.) I hightailed it out of there and awoke in my own bedroom! I have also felt myself (as a separate awareness) floating distinctly above my sleeping body that was lying in the bed – a most wonderful sensation.
  • A communication from another person to the sleeper via the thought wavelength, where the recipient receives the communication in thoughts and images during sleep. A type of this kind of dream is a lesson sent from a spiritually aware person or teacher to the sleeper, in moving, living images in the dream, such as in story form. Such experiences can be interactive, containing 2-way communication, with both the teacher and the recipient affecting and changing the images in the dream.
  • A dream foretelling events in the future. I believe it is true that some people have the ability to foretell the future. But I am personally not interested in this ability, because I also believe we all have the ability, even if not always realized, to change and direct our futures in directions we determine. We need not fear the future, because it is ours to create. 
  • A symbol of some existing condition or omen of a future event in the dreamer’s awake life. Here we get to symbols – things in dreams that stand for or mean something else. For example, different cultures or groups may have traditional understandings about dreams and what they mean. These understandings, being widely agreed upon in the group, therefore do prove true among their members, even if untrue beyond that culture. An example is one group’s belief, told to me by one of its members, that if a woman dreams about fish, it means she is pregnant. She related several personal experiences in which that actually had occurred. Her comments were a revelation to me, because it showed that the nature of dreams varied widely from person to person and group to group, and may indeed be carried along with a person’s culture.

As you can see, dreams can be useful and revelatory. They can provide us clues to our own spiritual natures that might otherwise be difficult to experience on our own. All that said, I have realized something very important about this subject.

We shouldn’t let ourselves become too caught up in thinking about dreams, introverting into them or our own minds, and in trying to understand them or assign meaning to them. We should always prefer the real world by doing our best to live a vital, full, rich existence in it, filled with actual communication, face-to-face with other people and facing the real environment around us. We should live and love in the real world. We should put away the smartphones whenever we can and develop interest in and relationships with the real people around us. Therein lies the real satisfaction and happiness of a life well-lived.

All the best!

D.E. Lamont

Read my illustrated novella, The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening.

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Are the Worlds of Magic and Spirituality Related?

"Rainy River" copyright 2012 by Doug Fairchild

“Rainy River” by Doug Fairchild. Used with permission.

When I was about five, the dramatized story of Peter Pan came on television. I loved everything about the story. I fell in love with Peter Pan (not realizing he was played by a woman, Mary Martin). Tinkerbell was a bright sparkling little light who darted about during the show, working magic. I loved the idea of Tinkerbell having magic fairy dust she could sprinkle around to create wondrous effects.

Best of all, at the very end of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell sprinkled fairydust toward the audience and told them that if they really, truly believed, they would be able to fly – just like Wendy and her brothers. I KNEW that I knew how to fly – I could feel it in the very core of my being – and after the movie ended, I got up on our raised brick hearth and jumped down over and over again, trying to take flight. I never could, but I never gave up hoping. And my love for magic and capabilities that exceeded our everyday reality never abated.

As an adult I searched among various philosophies, religions and the paranormal, interested in finding out what humanity’s true nature was – and if there was any part of us that transcended everyday reality and was greater than the apparent solidity of the material world around us. That part of us I was seeking was the spiritual. I wasn’t so much interested in ghosts, although I believed they probably existed. I was interested in finding out what the potential capabilities of living human beings were.

I came to believe that, somewhat like the X-Men and Superman, we have the potential to overcome our physical limitations and affect ourselves and our world through the power of the spirit – even to the extent of eventually being able to develop wondrous abilities. I also began to find out that many of us, perhaps even most of us, have untapped “paranormal” abilities that simply have not been exercised or developed.

I experienced some of these abilities myself on a minor level – such as “seeing” or getting a visual impression of a place far away from my physical location, or being able to know that someone was trying to reach me. I have also had firsthand experience of being in the presence of a loved and capable individual who was outside a body, yet could communicate to me and manipulate physical objects via direct spiritual means.

So to me, such abilities would not only make life much more interesting, but they would enable us to do good on a broader scale. The knowledge and certainty of one’s spiritual side could make us braver, calmer, and more powerful in a good way.

I finally realized that someday I would truly be able to make my dreams come true and fly – not perhaps with my body, but certainly as a free spiritual being.

All the best,
D.E. Lamont