Global Ebook Award Nomination Honors L.A.’s Original People, The Tongva

If you asked a person on the street who the original inhabitants of Los Angeles were,
many would say the Spanish, and others the Mexicans. And some might say the film companies! None of these would be correct.

The original peoples of Los Angeles were a culturally rich tribe called the Gabrielino-Tongva, or just the Tongva, which means “People of the Earth.” The name “Gabrielino” was used
because so many Tongva lived …

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“Unexplained” Phenomena (Supposedly)

In my last post on this
blog, Are We Really Living in the Matrix (also posted on my new blogsite,, I talked about the possibility that we can affect the physical universe around us through our intention.

A similar phenomenon is people’s demonstration of “kinetic” psychic abilities – they can control movement at a distance (without physically touching an object). …

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A Virtuous or Spiritual Life: All Seriousness and No Fun?

What do I mean by “a virtuous or spiritual life”?  I’m not here addressing holy sisters, priests, monks, apostles, or full-time religious devotees. Instead, I’m talking about most people — those who want to live a good, productive life in keeping with their dreams, goals and the spiritual and moral/ethical values they hold dear.  In…

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Are the Worlds of Magic and Spirituality Related?

When I was about five, the dramatized story of Peter Pan came on television. I loved everything about the story. I fell in love with Peter Pan (not realizing he was played by a woman, Mary Martin). Tinkerbell was a bright sparkling little light who darted about during the show, working magic. I loved the…

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