Is It True or False – Find Out for Yourself

The search for truth is obviously an enormous subject that has been debated endlessly down the ages by plenty of wise – and not-so-wise – people.  But the ability to distinguish or recognize truth is an essential ability that everyone can use on a daily basis. If you can’t work out the truth of something, how can you speak or act correctly about it?  How can you make important decisions without the truth about things and how can you make sure of the consequences?

So I’d like to talk about the subject of “truth” in a more down-to-earth way here and leave “cosmic truth” for another time.

Everybody today deals with information – tons of it, gigabytes of it.  The internet has made so much information available instantly to us.  But what IS this information that flows through onto your social media, comes in your email, that you see in blogs and on websites?

Raw information is like raw chicken

Raw information isn’t ready to use.  Raw information is the unfiltered and often unasked-for pieces that flood your incoming channels every day.  You should find out first if something is relevant to you, meaning if you need or want it, or even just love it.  That’s the first thing you should do.

And you should be ruthless with it.  It may seem obvious, but sometimes an inner imp or impulse can make you do things you really don’t want to.  If you look at some piece of news or information and instantly say “so what!” to yourself, don’t look at it anyway – just delete it!  If you get that nagging feeling that you “should” read it (because your mother or Great Uncle Jack would have said you should), delete it.  If you already KNOW it’s going to be b.s., delete it.  If you’re choosing it because you want to re-post it just to show people how educated or cool you are, when you really aren’t on that subject … delete it!  Come on, we don’t have to be THAT dependent on what people think, do we???  (Been there, done that myself!)

Also, if you have the urge to read it for a distorted reason – say because you think it’s going to be deliciously critical or rip somebody big-time, well, I’d say delete it.  You really shouldn’t waste your time on other people’s dirt or nasty leavings, because your time is worth more than that.  And you might want to start creating things yourself rather than just soaking up other people’s gunk.  Everybody is creative in some or many ways!

So delete irrelevant emails and feeds, and click away from irrelevant blogs and articles.  Unsubscribe freely from things that don’t excite you.  This is how you sort out what things you will actually want to read and also buy yourself the time to check out things that are really worthwhile – or start creating them yourself.

So how do you tell what is true or not?

Strip off your prejudices and let the nude YOU look well and hard at what’s in front of you

I’m speaking of the real YOU, the logical being of reason, the perceptive being of seeingness, the intuitive being of knowingness.  Use your native mind, free of automated thoughts or glitched thinking.

In other words, develop and use your common sense.  If something doesn’t strike you right about what somebody is saying or writing, then your intuition is almost certainly correct – reject it!  Don’t puzzle over it, because it probably doesn’t deserve it.

Take note of specific things that don’t seem right or are definitely not right.  If someone is including errors of fact or misleading statements that can’t be proven, these are points of untruth.  If there are careless mistakes, they still show that the person is not taking care to adhere to the truth.  If there are intentional falsehoods or omissions, facts that contradict each other, failure to state the date which gives a totally wrong impression of things – well, the writer obviously can’t be trusted for accuracy and truthfulness, and is probably trying to get readers to believe things that are really not true.

Truth does not need to be a covert operation

Speaking of someone who can’t be trusted – here is another heads-up in the truth department:  It is a symptom of the state of our current world that the news media (which is usually owned by groups, companies or people with some agenda to push), as well as other writers and groups on the internet, publish reams and streams of information that is slanted (biased) toward a particular point of view or against another, and intended to sway us through our emotions or through leaving out information or including other illogicalities rather than just presenting the truth and allowing us to use our reason and intelligence to come to our own conclusions.

Realize that if someone is using trickery to try to persuade you of something (meaning they are lying to you), they don’t have your best interests at heart, because they don’t TRUST you (to think for yourself)!  So you need to realize that before you are taken in by it.

Such slanting is done as a covert operation, cleverly disguised so that you won’t be aware that you are being manipulated.  It’s OK for someone to openly try to persuade us of something with reason, but when the writer tries to convince us by leaving out important facts, or adding other info that is untrue or partly untrue, we don’t have the full or correct “input” our minds need to make a sound decision.  Only if we have all the truth about something can we actually understand it and make the right decision.

A final point – adhere to your OWN sense of reality and truth

Author and educator L. Ron Hubbard wrote, in the “Code of Honor”:

“Never compromise with your own reality.”

(Reference below.)

This may seem to contradict the first part of this article, but it doesn’t, as you’ll see.  All of your perceptions, observations, beliefs, ideals and dreams and thoughts combine to form your reality.  Your reality is composed of those things you feel certain are true – what you believe to be true no matter what anybody thinks or says or writes, or even what supposed evidence is presented.  Each of us has what should be considered an inviolable, sacred right to observe for ourselves and make our own decisions about what is true for us.

If something is true for you, then it is true, period!  It forms part of your own reality and view of things.  Your beliefs and your sense of reality are not inconsequential things; they are important.  Of your own free will, you can make all the choices and new observations and conclusions you want.  This is how you learn new things.

But… if you are certain about something, don’t let someone push or force you off your certainty into uncertainty or confusion – not even if they are an expert or an important person.

Only YOU have the right to change your own mind.  You can learn new things which then change your view of things, or you can observe things more closely, which then may change your views.  But never let anyone manipulate or force you to change your mind or beliefs.  And that includes teachers and college professors, who are notorious for collecting groups of worshipful student followers (disciples) to bolster their own pitiful self-esteem.

Only YOU have the right to change your own mind!


(Ref.) Scientology 08, The Book of Basics, p. 391

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