What Is Our Real Nature?

I am sharing with you today the most fundamental truth I know. It won’t be real to all of you. That’s okay. Consider it, and also realize that it stands as truth outside and above all else – everything we know. You can know and appreciate and experience this even if you never set foot in a church or other religious house. It can change your life.

“For the last hundred years or so religion has been beset with a relentless attack. You have been told it’s the ‘opiate of the masses,’ that it’s unscientific, that it is primitive; in short, that it is a delusion.

“But beneath all these attacks on organised religion there was a more fundamental target: the spirituality of man, your own basic spiritual nature, self-respect and peace of mind. This black propaganda may have been so successful that maybe you no longer believe you have a spiritual nature but I assure you you do.

“In fact, you don’t have a soul, you are your own soul. In other words, you are not this book, your social security card, your body or your mind. You are you.

“Convince a man that he is an animal, that his own dignity and self-respect are delusions, that there is no ‘beyond’ to aspire to, no higher potential self to achieve, and you have a slave.

Let a man know he is himself, a spiritual being, that he is capable of the power of choice and has the right to aspire to greater wisdom and you have started him up a higher road.”

—L. Ron Hubbard, from an essay published on Feb 21, 1991 titled, “RELIGIOUS INFLUENCE IN SOCIETY”