Spirituality – the Essence of Mystery or Something We Can Know and Experience?

I’d like to begin to tackle what may be considered an almost unimaginably wide subject, and one which is rife with countless different opinions.  The subject is spirituality (in the broad sense, not just as a reference to one religion).  Spirituality, the Great Mystery to so many for so very long.

First of all, I’m not going to pretend that this question can be answered in one short article!  I’m also not going to say that it can be answered to everyone’s satisfaction, or at all, for some people – I don’t think it can.  But I think we can get closer to some pieces of the truth than you might think for such an awe-inspiring and sweeping subject.  While I am not an academician or theologian or other classically educated creature, I do know something about this subject.  If I’m not exactly a “street” philosopher, I could be considered a “desktop” philosopher.  I’ve learned a lot over the years but I do not, repeat, do NOT write as any kind of scholar or ivory tower expert.

The reason I’m interested in writing about spirituality is because in my own experience, the subject is fascinating, contains much food for thought and is outright enlightening.  I’m not very much interested in theory.  I’m mainly interested in helping people discover more about themselves, open their minds to another view if they have never considered these ideas before, and perhaps inspire them to do more investigation themselves.  

This article is also based on one of my very firm beliefs: that spirituality NEED NOT and SHOULD NOT BE MADE into an esoteric, difficult subject to understand.  The knowledge IS “out there” and the great mystery can be dissected into small bits of simple  knowledge.  Stay tuned for my next article in this series!