Are We Really Living in Wonderland?

Here’s some food for thought – a different view than you usually hear about. Everyone agrees that the physical universe is solid and real. It contains awesome levels of energy, unimaginable reaches of space, and immense solidity of matter.  It also persists through infinite expanses of time. Most physical objects last indefinitely until they are either…

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How Takoda Taught Tacu: Learning Through Observation, Experience & Practice

American Indians have always had many ways of passing skills, knowledge and wisdom about life to their
children. America’s First People knew that
observation, experience and practice were essential to prepare young tribe members to participate in
and excel in life. So, one of the most interesting and effective methods was to take each child out into the plains, mountains and forests to observe. An animal, its tracks, clouds, birds,
rodents—anything could be observed until the child attained …

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“Lost Without Love” #28 on Amazon “Future Romance” List!

I’m proud to announce that my novelette, Lost Without Love – A Hollywood Tale of the Future, just reached No. 28 on the Amazon Kindle “Future Romance”
list!  You can get it for $2.99 for Kindle at this link:  

Lost Without Love for Kindle

And here is the link to the Amazon Kindle “Future Romance” list:

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All About Visionary and Spiritual Fiction: From Thrillers to Fantasy to Historical Stories and More!

I wanted to say a bit about a category of fiction sometimes called “visionary fiction” and sometimes “spiritual fiction.” There are also other variations such as “inspirational fiction” and
“metaphysical fiction.” My novella, The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening, takes
place in a historical Native American setting …

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