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The information on this website is presented to help educate, inspire, inform and enlighten its visitors, as well as to provoke thought and self-determined action on their own part. Each individual site visitor should use his and her own powers of discernment, discretion and observation and arrive at his and her own conclusions and decisions relating to the information. The author/site owner therefore makes no promises or guarantees of any kind relating to the ideas and services discussed on the site.

Privacy and Sharing Policy

Email:  Daveda Lamont and the Magical Mystical You website will never share or sell or permit the sharing or selling of the names of site subscribers and people who contact her directly. Utilizing her own records, she will keep subscribers’ and correspondents’ names and email addresses so that she may from time to time email you notices of new book releases and other products, events, appearances and other timely items that relate to this website and her activities.

Purchasers of Linked Books & Other Products:  Site visitors who click on this site’s ads, links to books and other products should understand that third parties (including advertisers) may serve content and/or advertisements to, and collect information directly from, such site visitors, and may place or recognize cookies on visitors’ browsers.

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