“The Way of the Eagle” an Inspirational Holiday Gift!

As the holidays approach, a little reminder that The Way of the Eagle: an Early California Journey of Awakening will make a great inspirational gift for the holiday season.  Two readers expressed this so well:

       “This is a wonderful story that thoroughly entertains while teaching spiritual values and some history of an important culture in our world.  I couldn’t help thinking while reading this story that it should be in every school library; it’s relevant for adults but how important for our children growing up today with similar moral issues, and what an aesthetic way to help them as they struggle to find themselves and their own truths rather than just going along with the crowd.  The artwork and story are in beautiful harmony. Thank you so much, author and artist!”  –Mo Biairdi

       “The Way of the Eagle tells the tale of a Native American boy learning who he is.  D.E. Lamont weaves a beautiful tapestry filled with details of native life in southern California at a time before European conquest. Her writing blends the exacting detail of daily Native American life with an exquisite spiritual quest that makes it easy to experience the beauty and power of a culture all but lost in the modern world.  Reading this tale was a pleasure, and I highly recommend it as entertaining and enlightening fare. Be prepared to soar like an eagle.  –Jack Thompson

You may order via this website, or at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.