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I started Magical Mystical You to help others searching for answers to existence to begin to understand their spiritual nature – and what that means, in a fuller sense than one normally hears about. I have been inspired to share and explore these ideas and experiences with you because I want you to experience the…

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Native American Daily Life and Spirituality Inseparable

Inseparability of Native American Spirituality and Everyday Life
I’m reposting this original article because I think it says best what I wanted to express on this subject. I did recently write a second article on this subject and you’re welcome to check it out as well.
I recently learned about this aspect of Native American life through the writing of Ohiyesa (Charles Alexander Eastman), a part Santee Sioux raised in a traditional Native American home, who later was educated as a doctor in American colleges. He wrote eloquently about Native American life in the early 20th century. He wrote that daily life and spirituality, as lived purely by original peoples, were not really even two elements tightly interwoven. Rather, the people viewed their existence and lived their lives AS a manifestation of spirituality and spiritual creation. To them, there was no difference; they were inseparable.

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Happiness – Your Birthright and Native Condition

  Many have said that happiness is our most desired quality and state of being.  When we are happy, we feel pleasurable emotions and states of mind – carefree, warm, active, loving, devil-may-care, adventurous – or secure and confident – or more powerful than anyone who would try to harm us!  When we’re happy, we…

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Are We Really Living in Wonderland?

Here’s some food for thought – a different view than you usually hear about. Everyone agrees that the physical universe is solid and real. It contains awesome levels of energy, unimaginable reaches of space, and immense solidity of matter.  It also persists through infinite expanses of time. Most physical objects last indefinitely until they are either…

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Dreams – Random Imaginings or Gateway to our Spiritual Selves?

Little-Understood and Mysterious, but Part of Us All Everyone has their own ideas of what dreams are, and what they mean – if anything! Dreams might be the most often discussed yet little understood phenomenon common to all humans – though animals also dream. Certain professions claim dreams as their exclusive turf to define and…

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How Takoda Taught Tacu: Learning Through Observation, Experience & Practice

American Indians have always had many ways of passing skills, knowledge and wisdom about life to their
children. America’s First People knew that
observation, experience and practice were essential to prepare young tribe members to participate in
and excel in life. So, one of the most interesting and effective methods was to take each child out into the plains, mountains and forests to observe. An animal, its tracks, clouds, birds,
rodents—anything could be observed until the child attained …

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Are Animals Spiritual Beings?

Hello after an absence of some months!  I look forward to continuing to explore the world of spirit in a common-sense manner through this website.  I want to begin by reposting this article from a year ago.  Many people enjoyed it  – I hope new readers will find it now. This article is addressed to…

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Review and Interview of The Way of the Eagle

November 26, 2012

Laurie, a well known book blogger, recently reviewed The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening and interviewed me on her site, “Laurie’s Paranormal Features.”  I was
honored to be selected for a review on this busy and interesting blogsite.

Here is the link!

Laurie’s Paranormal Features

All the best,
D.E. Lamont

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