Review and Interview of The Way of the Eagle

November 26, 2012

Laurie, a well known book blogger, recently reviewed The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening and interviewed me on her site, “Laurie’s Paranormal Features.”  I was
honored to be selected for a review on this busy and interesting blogsite.

Here is the link!

Laurie’s Paranormal Features

All the best,
D.E. Lamont

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“Lost Without Love” #28 on Amazon “Future Romance” List!

I’m proud to announce that my novelette, Lost Without Love – A Hollywood Tale of the Future, just reached No. 28 on the Amazon Kindle “Future Romance”
list!  You can get it for $2.99 for Kindle at this link:  

Lost Without Love for Kindle

And here is the link to the Amazon Kindle “Future Romance” list:

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Fly with Hawks!

A little interlude of beauty while I work on the next piece…

For those who love the sky, eagles and hawks – this video is so unusual and beautiful – I found it very inspiring. These men are obviously pro bird handlers and seem very careful with the birds – I
don’t think we need fear for their safety. They all seem very at home with each other in the sky.

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The Way of the Eagle Wins Third National Award!

I am so happy to announce that my novella, The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening, has won its third national award!  It has been named Finalist in the 2012
National Indie Excellence Awards (NIEA), in the Cross-Genre Fiction category.

The announcement showing the book cover is located on the NIEA website, HERE.

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D.E. Lamont Interviewed as Visionary Fiction Author

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Dreams – Random Imaginings or Gateway to our Spiritual Selves?

Little-Understood and Mysterious,
but Part of Us All

Everyone has their own ideas of what dreams are, and what they mean – if anything! Dreams might be the
most often discussed yet little understood phenomenon common to all humans – though animals also dream. Certain professions claim dreams as their exclusive turf …

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The Way of the Eagle Named Medal-winning Finalist in 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards!

I’m proud to announce that The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening was
named a Medal-Winning Finalist in the Novella category of the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards.

Meet Our Release Experts

The competition is the largest not-for-profit awards program for independent publishers and is presented by 

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All About Visionary and Spiritual Fiction: From Thrillers to Fantasy to Historical Stories and More!

I wanted to say a bit about a category of fiction sometimes called “visionary fiction” and sometimes “spiritual fiction.” There are also other variations such as “inspirational fiction” and
“metaphysical fiction.” My novella, The Way of the Eagle: An Early California Journey of Awakening, takes
place in a historical Native American setting …

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Great News – The Way of the Eagle Places in “Best Books 2011” Competition

To all fans of the book, I’m delighted to announce that The Way of the Eagle
has been honored as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Visionary Fiction category of The USA “Best Books 2011” Awards, sponsored by USA Book News.Thousands of books
in many categories were entered in this competition, including books published by mainstream publishers, smaller houses and independent publishers and authors. Each category had one winner
and …

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Global Ebook Award Nomination Honors L.A.’s Original People, The Tongva

If you asked a person on the street who the original inhabitants of Los Angeles were,
many would say the Spanish, and others the Mexicans. And some might say the film companies! None of these would be correct.

The original peoples of Los Angeles were a culturally rich tribe called the Gabrielino-Tongva, or just the Tongva, which means “People of the Earth.” The name “Gabrielino” was used
because so many Tongva lived …

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