“Unexplained” Phenomena (Supposedly)

In my last post on this blog, Are We Really Living in the Matrix (also posted on my new blog, MagicalMysticalYou.com), I talked about the possibility that we can affect the physical universe around us through our intention.

A similar phenomenon is people’s demonstration of “kinetic” psychic abilities – they can control movement at a distance (without physically touching an object). Of course the movies have dramatized the disastrous or evil possibilities of this ability ad nauseum, such as with firestarters or poltergeists, not to mention ghosts. But such abilities are not very common in our age, as it takes a being with quite a bit of “horsepower” to directly manipulate the physical universe in that way. Apparently, not too many of those are still around, either in or out of bodies. You read about an incident involving such ability now and then in the news or in a book.

For many, believing in these phenomena seems to require a leap of faith.  I prefer a leap of understanding – of what exactly we’re talking about. Such phenomena can’t be explained unless you understand that humans have two main parts: the spirit and the body, and the spirit is normally senior to and controls the body. A body without life (the spirit) doesn’t do anything, because it is inanimate matter – it is dead. A brain by itself cannot reach out and affect matter apart from the body.

But the “life principle” or “animating principle” is the spirit, and it is the spirit which possesses intelligence and potentially unlimited abilities, including those which take precedence over the physical universe. The spirit and what it influences are not necessarily limited to, or by, the body.

Now for the fun part! I have had several amazing, distinct supernatural experiences during my lifetime that appeared to be demonstrations by someone else of this ability, although in all cases there was nobody else present besides me anywhere in my vicinity! 

The first incident was amazing, and it saved my life. I was in college in the late 60s and my boyfriend and I had taken a secret drive up to the Sierra Nevada to hike and camp in the backcountry. My parents didn’t know and I didn’t want them to find out!  I had to be back for class on Monday morning. We started driving back quite late and were probably going to have to drive all night. It was somewhere on old Highway 99 leading down through the California central valley toward Los Angeles, in my boyfriend’s old ’56 Chevy.

I was driving, unbelievably tired, and I kept almost dozing off and just barely catching myself. Finally I fell sound asleep. Next thing I knew I was jerked into consciousness because the steering wheel suddenly started shimmying crazily back and forth with my hands on it. It jerked me into full wakefulness.  I was still on the road and the car was going straight, but I realized I had been asleep and I was shocked and alarmed.

I frantically asked my boyfriend if he had seen anything or if the car had been shimmying or swerved. He said no, nothing happened, he didn’t see anything. And I realized, even without knowing anything about such a thing as a spiritual being, that somebody, some force, had saved our lives by making the steering wheel either start shimmying for real, or by giving me the distinct illusion that it was shaking hard, and waking me. I was filled with a profound relief and amazement, and I never forgot the experience.

Later, in the 80s, I seemed to have a “guardian spirit” with me at times who would find ways to give me a little tip that I should or should not do something, kind of a reminder to do what I knew I was supposed to do. It felt like a mother-figure. A couple of times, I was alone in my apartment, reading in bed. Both times I was really into the novel and I kept reading waaaaay too long past the time I should have turned off the light and gone to sleep, because I knew that otherwise, it was going to be very difficult for me to get up for work next morning.  But I didn’t have the discipline to stop reading.

All of a sudden, the lamp on my night table starting flashing and blinking on and off erratically — just like in the movies!  It did it for about a second, just long enough to definitely get my attention. I instantly got the idea that somebody was telling me “Go to bed!” so I closed the book, ready to sleep. As soon as I did, the light was steady again. I hadn’t gotten anywhere near the light and there was no physical explanation for the blinking.  The light bulb was fine next day and did not burn out for some time!

Another time, in the same bedroom, I was reading really late, being really bad. There would be consequences in my having difficulty getting up next morning to go to work. All of a sudden the closet door, which was a normal hinged door and which was within my line of sight, began shaking rapidly back and forth, back and forth, all by itself!  It moved about an inch in each direction, very rapidly. There was no denying it, and it was making a noise, a little squeaking sound as it went back and forth.

I could barely believe my eyes! I freaked out for an instant – it was really creepy!  But again I got the distinct impression that a friend in spirit form was saying to me, “Come on, put that darn book down and get to sleep!”  I spoke aloud to the spirit, whoever it was.  I said “OK, I will go to sleep, and I appreciate your caring enough to help me stop reading, but please don’t do this any more … because it really does kind of of creep me out, and I don’t like the feeling that somebody is always here watching what I do. It is too introverting!”  Then I went to bed.  And what do you know, the guardian spirit honored my request – because it never happened again!

Later, reflecting back on the incidents in my bedroom, I was thrilled and humbled to realize that I had had encounters with a quite capable spiritual individual. It meant something to me that someone cared enough for me to try to help me be a better person, even in little ways. 

And of course, I will never forget that out on Highway 99 in Central California in the middle of the night, some very aware, compassionate being found me in my moment of need, and gave me a new chance at life.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

All the best,
D.E. Lamont